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Sustainability is a problem that many Nodes project have struggled with. Longevity is the key to success. To address this issue we have found differents doable actions that we are implementing. These are:
  • Flexible rewards system
We have worked on a sustainable model of up to 20,000,000 nodes (very unlikely we'll come close to this). We have the ability to reduce rewards to protect the sustainability of the protocol but this will only be done if we have failed trying every other alternative.
  • Treasury (Rewards Pools)
The treasury income will allow us to tend to the protocols needs. We will have the ability to add funds to rewards pool when necessary to ensure consistent rewards can be paid out and also for buy backs to burn tokens to fight inflation.
  • Node Validator Investments
Our Rewards Pool will use AVAX earn from node creation to invest in Node Validator on Avalanche Blockchain, but not necessarily Avalanche, we can also aim others blockchain node validator. Passive income earn from the node validator staking will be reinjected into NebulaNodes.
  • DeFi Investments
Our Rewards Pool will also be able to invest in DeFi projects, these DeFi projects will be chosen by the community under a Vote. Autocompounders, Staking, Farming, or anything related to DeFi can be a choice of investments!