Nebula GitBook


-----February/March 2022-----

  • Opening of the WL
  • Recrutement of Mods
  • Reveal of the website
  • Contract deployment and token launch on TraderJoe
  • Multi-sig
  • CoinMarketCap/CoinGecko listing
  • Marketing campaign on social medias
  • Initial Node investments as an operating validator in Avalanche

-----April 2022-----

  • Recruitment and expansion
  • Start DeFi investments in order to increase the daily rewards from NebulaNodes
  • Aiming for 20K holders
  • Creating a NFT collection which will allow, depending on the rarity, to increase the percentage of node gains (We are already in contact with a designer)
  • Adding more reputable people to the treasury multi-sig wallet if needed
  • Partnerships with Tier 1 projects
  • Listing on Zapper, Blockfolio & DeBank
  • Mini P2E/R2E Games based on the token where the number of nodes owned will give advantages

-----May 2022-----

  • Attempting for top tier CEX listing
  • Creation of new liquidity pool in different DEX in order to be tradeable everywhere on Avalanche
  • Creation of a launchpad platform where the allocations depend upon the number of nodes owned
  • Partnership with new projects to help them to grow and develop our launchpad
This roadmap is not exhaustive and can be subject to changes at any time. We will make sure our community is aware of any change made to this roadmap.