Nebula GitBook


What is NebulaNodes ?
NebulaNodes is a NaaS protocol, aiming to allow their investors to earn lifetime passive income. NebulaNodes has been inspired from several previous projects like Vapornodes, Strongblock. Starnodes and Thor financial.
When is the launch ?
The launch date will be on March 4th between 5:00 pm UTC and 10:00 pm UTC on TraderJoe
How many people are in the team?
There are 2 people in the core team, NebulaDev as a web, js and solidity developer. Gamora as a project manager/decision maker. We have also recruited 4 people to act as community & discord moderators that are not part of the core team.
What problem is Nebula trying to solve?
Creating a sustainable wealth creation protocol, that can provide long term passive income for our holders. This is done through sustainability measures, such as rewards rate reduction, anti bot measures and investments of the AVAX earn in rewards pool in actual Node Validators and DeFi Projects in order to keep a certain level of sustainability in our protocol.
How does a node work?
Each node created will receive daily rewards basis calculated by us in order to last our project. These Rewards come from the rewards pool. Rewards vary in function of the quantity of node you own. Once you have purchased one you simply hold your node and watch the rewards piles up!.
Will there be a presale or whitelist?
There will be a whitelist where all our whitelisted members will receive a free node. Whitelist requirements : 140 WL for invite contest (10 invites for first 100 then 15 invites) Last 10 are distributed on a twitter giveaway
Can I sell my node?
Not planned in v1.
If I don’t claim my rewards on time, will I lose them?
No. You can claim your rewards whenever you like!

How many nodes can you create per wallet?

You can buy a maximum of 100 NebulaNodes per wallet !

Is this a fork?

There is a combination of functionality taken from several successful projects as well as some new functionality and script to allow a long term sustainability, but yes at its core its somewhat a fork of Vapornode.

What is the reward payout?

1.44 $NEBULA / day / NebulaNode for the first week in order to bring more investment to Nebula. Rewards will be recalculated for a more long term vision at the end of this first week.

What is the pair token?

The token will be paired with 10 000$ worth of AVAX
What is the initial price ?
Initial price of Nebula Tokens will be 1$

What makes Nebula Nodes different from the other nodes out there?

We do not want to do like the other protocols by starting off with insane APY's.
We will lower rewards after the first week to be SUSTAINABLE .
We are planning investments on DeFi and Node Validator to keep a perpetual feed of new rewards to Nebula
We will also be intending to create an NFT collection and a P2E mini game.

Is there a buying/selling tax on the tokens?

There isn't any buying or selling tax

Multi-Sig? KYC? Verified Contract?

Yes, we are going to create a Multi-Sig Wallets where 2 community members chosen by community and our core team will be signature. 3 out of 4 signatures will be required to interact with the smart contract and rewards pool. The contract will be verified. Concerning the KYC, we haven't planned to do one before our launch as our multi sig will avoid any rug possibilities. But we aren't closed about it and if the community absolutely want us to do it, we will do so with the funds collected from the project.