Nebula GitBook


We will have a initial supply of 10,000 tokens paired with 10 000$ worth of AVAX which leads to a token launch price of 1$ per $NEBULA that you can buy on TraderJoe.
The 10,000 tokens are only the initial supply for the launch on TraderJoe, the total supply minted will be 21,000,000 tokens helded by Rewards Pool.
To create a node, you will only need 10 $NEBULA
Having a node will allow you to win 1 .44$Nebula per DAY per NODE, which is approximately 10 $NEBULA per WEEK
And we don't forget our whitelisted members (~150 whitelisted) who will get a node for free)
  • Token => $NEBULA (NebulaNodes)
  • Total Supply => 21,000,000 $NEBULA
  • Launch mCAP => Wait for launch
  • Launch Supply => Wait for launch
  • 100% of the LP Locked After Launch for 1 Year
  • LP added by the node creation will be send to a dead address.
Multi-Sig Wallets: All of the reserves will be secured in Multi-Sig Wallets.