Nebula GitBook

Welcome to NebulaNode

Hello Nebulans,
Nebula was inspired by several existing node projects. After studying various node projects to understand their mechanics, we have decided to come up with Nebula Nodes.
We all know that nodes projects are getting extremely common. We don't intend to rock the boat and come up with an astounding vision or anything, but what we want most is to achieve sustainability and put the people in our community first. Nebula Nodes aims to take the best ideas from existing node projects and incorporate them with new improvements along the way with ideas from our community and the team. We are building a NAAS protocol on the Avalanche C-Chain with the purpose of creating an ever-evolving, long-term sustainable financial instrument in order to be one of the popular references as a notable Node project. It would be our honour to serve the DeFi community and leave our footprint in the space by creating a successful diversified and sustainable project!